What Size Beach Cruiser Do I Need?

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Beach cruiser is very commonly used by us. It is also known as beach cruiser bikes or bicycles. It starts to gain popularity in the decade of 1930. Since then it crossed many ups and downs, to reach the present shapes. Many manufacturers work hard for the development of the best quality beach cruisers. Schwinn was one of them.

Modern beach cruiser has a variety of adjustable features and those features make it unique from other bikes. It has wide seat, coaster brakes, a single-speed drivetrainballoon tires, and straightforward steel construction with imaginative styling. Those features are also making it easy and comfortable for the ride.

There are different materials frame are used for beach cruiser bikes. Among them, aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, and titanium are commonly used. You can use two kinds of tires with your beach cruiser. One is fat tires and the other is narrow tires.

Beach cruisers’ fat tire bikes are good in soft, snow, and sand conditions. They give you a very bouncy ride that is easy on your back. Besides that, fat tire cruisers are very much puncture resistant. But they aren’t able to provide you great top speed and you need to spend more energy to pedal it. Beach cruisers’ fat tire bikes are terrible in wet conditions and also harder to steer.

On the other hand, beach cruisers’ narrow tires are different from the fat-tire bikes. The main difference between narrow tires and fat tires is the width. beach cruisers narrow tires bikes are lighter in weight. They are faster, smoother, and easier to pedal than the beach cruiser fat tires bike. But the beach cruiser narrow tires bikes are more prone to puncture. Their Bald tires are not able to perform well in dirt, sand, or snow route.

At the same time, it is very important to choose the perfect size of beach cruisers for yourself. Their various sizes and design beach cruisers are available nowadays. So, selecting the right size of a beach cruiser, the process is not so simple. It’s very much confusing.

You do not need to worry about that. We are here to help you. Our article can be a guideline for you to find out the perfect size beach cruisers for yourself.

So, What Sizes Beach Cruisers Are Appropriate for Me?

There are a lot of differences between men’s and women’s beach cruiser bikes. Men’s and women’s beach cruiser bikes are designed separately because of their unlike body shape and structure. Usually, men’s beach cruiser bikes are heavier than women.

Men have longer torsos, while women have longer legs. As a result, the top tubes of women’s beach cruiser bikes are shorter than the because of fetching the handlebars neared to the saddle. Generally, women have smaller hands and narrower shoulders than men. To cope with its women’s beach cruiser, have slimmer grips and compressed handlebars. Men’s and women’s beach cruiser bikes are also varying in colors. Usually, men’s bikes are in deep color. On the other hand, women like to choose light colors for themselves.

However, it doesn’t mean that men and women only can use those beach cruiser bikes which are made for themselves. Many women are more comfortable in men’s beach cruiser bikes. At the same time, male children and teenagers’ boys also feel more comforts on women’s beach cruiser bikes rather than men. So, it is not a big deal. Both men and women need to choose suitable beach cruise bikes for themselves.

Though the design of men’s and women’s beach cruiser bikes are different the sizes are almost the same for both. You should require to select the right beach cruiser according to your age and height. Our table will help you to choose the suitable sizes of beach cruiser for you:



Height Range Frame Size Range


Tires Size


1- 5


2’10”- 3’.8”   8”- 10”




4- 10


3’.2”- 4’.4”


12”   20”


8- Adult








11- Adult


5’- 6’.4”


  15”- 21”






6’ and Over”


  Extended Frame




This table shows us that beach cruiser sizes are varying from according to the ages and heights. 26” tires are commonly used by the under 6′ adults. 16”, 20’’ and 24” tires are appropriate for the children and teenagers. You can use any of the fat and narrow tires for your cruisers. We

recommended choosing tires according to your route. We already discuss both fat tires and narrow tires.

Like tires, frame sizes also vary. The frame range of beach cruiser starts from 8” and then the sizes changes with the age and height. Those who are taller than 6’ they require an extended frame for their beach cruisers. You need to choose those materials made frames that give you more comforts during riding.

The crux of this article is you should choose the size of your beach cruiser according to your age and height. You also can customize the accessories of your beach cruiser bicycle according to your comforts.


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