What Are Beach Cruiser Bikes?

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Beach cruiser bike is very familiar and commonly used by us. It is also known as cruiser bicycle or motorbike. It is a bicycle that combines a single-speed drivetrain, an upright seating posture, coaster brakes, straightforward steel construction, and balloon tires with imaginative styling. 

The weight of the beach cruiser bikes’ frame is around 50 pounds. Two tires are usually 26-inch and 29-inch in size. On the top tubes, it has a unisex design. Beach cruiser bikes handlebars are tall and wrap around on each side towards the rider. The saddle sits of its are low for given wide coverage. For keeping the rider dry and clean it used fenders. Beach cruiser bikes have the best single speed chain that covers at the top with a chain guard.

Beach cruiser bikes are easy to ride. Men, women, children all can ride it comfortably. Though it’s called the beach cruiser bike, they are usable almost everywhere. You can pedal it to beaches, plain roads, gardens, parks, mountain roads, or on other roads. 

You can easily customize and upgrades its accessories. This can include lights, saddlebags, luggage racks, fenders, and more according to your comforts and choice. It was the most popular bicycle in the United States from the early 1930s through the 1950s. After a few years, cruiser bike’s popularity waned, but in the late 90’s it continued to grow again. 

Cruiser bikes have a very long history. During the Great Depression, bicycle sales had collapsed due to the economic recession. At that time, the cruiser bike was a luxurious product. Everyone cannot afford it. Schwinn was one of many manufacturers who contributed a lot to the development of the cruiser. They brought a change in the design of it and reduce the production cost. They targeted young people and began to sell cruiser bikes at an affordable price. 

Nowadays, modern technology and engineering have made beach cruiser bikes more enjoyable. Including beach cruiser, there are other- types of cruiser bikes also available in the market. Here we discuss some of them: 

Stretch: Stretch cruiser bikes are generally longer than the original style. The frame of it is twice longer than the typical size. The longish frame makes it easier and comfortable to pedal for the riders. You can customize its accessories according to your comforts. Stretch cruiser bikes have unique looks and that’s why they are very much liking by the fancy items of lover people. It is ideal for the casual, long rides on sidewalks and flatter roads, where very few blockages will be in the path. 

Low Rider: Low rider cruiser bike’s sit is very low to the ground. It gives space to the rider for reclined of its backward. Usually, low rider cruiser bikes are more showy than functional. It has over-spoked wheels, springer front forks, less than 26-inches smaller whitewall tires, large banana seats, and accentuated fenders on the front and back. Low rider cruiser bikes are very suitable for casual riding.

Chopper: Chopper cruiser bikes have almost the same features as low rider cruisers. But they are more about style than function. Riders experience more comforts on it rather than the low rider cruiser bikes. It has banana seats and that sits higher of the frame. Chopper cruiser bike’s wheels are different from one another in size. The handlebars of it are mounted higher to resemble the “ape hanger” design that’s are common in chopper motorcycles. 

Multi-Speed: Multi-speed cruiser bikes are more versatile in use. It gives gear options to the riders. Generally, multi-speed cruiser bikes are available in 3-speed versions. Gears help the rider in pedaling. By using gear, they can pedal smoothly and speedily. This cruiser bike is perfect for those riders who enjoy speedy rides. They need to visit long-distance often multi-speed cruiser bikes also can be a good option for them. 

In our article, we discuss briefly beach cruiser bikes and the other- types of cruiser too. We hope it will be helpful for you to enrich your knowledge. 



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