8 Tips to Riding Bike to Work in Winter

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Some people afraid of riding a bike to work in winter. Though it is a difficult task but not impossible. There are many benefits of winter bike riding. According to the research from Northern Arizona University, winter bike riding helps your body to burn more calories and learns to use oxygen much adroitly. At the same time, riding a bike in the snow brings a lot of excitement and enjoyment for a rider.

But many riders have no idea how to ride a bike safely in winter. For that reason, the rate of bike accidents is increasing in that period. Snow makes the road slippery for the riders. They also suffer from hazy eyesight in winter. Riders need to be more careful to ride their bike in winter for avoiding accidents.

In this article, we share some tips with you that might works for you to ride a bike in winter:

Tips for Riding Bike to Work in Winter

When the winter comes everything all around you start to frost. Nature changes her behavior. Snow starts to fall. The road becomes slippery during that time. You need to be more careful when you ride a bike in winter. You can follow these below tips for winter bike riding:

1. Get A Good Bike for Winter or Snow

Selecting a bike is very important during the winter and snow. A fat-tire bike for snow can be the right choice for winter.

2. Proper Getup

The first thing is that you should keep yourself warm during bike riding. You require to put on multiple layers for keeping your body temperature warm while riding a bike in winter. You can use thermal base layers to avoid being caught out by the cold. Wearing along-sleeved t-shirt could be smarter for riding a bike comfortably despite cold or snowfall. It is very important to keep yourself warm during winter bike riding:

You also require to keep the extremities toasty for getting an enjoyable winter riding. Generally, the feet and hands of a rider get freeze quickly. A surgical glove can keep your hands warm on a ride because they create an extra vapor layer between the cold and your skin. It is ideal to carry both heavier and lighter gloves to cope with temperature shifts. Use heavier glovers when temperatures are too cold because it has an extra pair of socks that protect your hands from freezing. It will help you to get a good grip on the bike’s gear.

Air-activated heat packs are effective to keep warmth inside your gloves and shoes. You don’t need to spend much money to get air-activated heat packs. Extremities play a vital role to keep and maintain your control over the bike. You can use ski gloves to keep you warm on the bike. Ski helmets also help the rider to their dome warmer. It is good enough then the multi-vented bike helmets. So, don’t ignore these points before starting your winter bike ride.

3. Careful about Your Skin

When you get for winter bike riding, then outside snow can reflect nearly 90 percent of UV radiation. It can make your skin seriously dry and frigid. You need to be extra careful in winter to protect your skin. Before bike riding, you can apply sunscreen to your face. Vaseline helps your skin to keep the moisture. Lip balms are works for you to prevent the dryness of lips.

4. Use Fenders

Fenders are effective to keep miry road spray off for you, who ride with you and your bike. You can attach a pair of SKS Race Bladesor a similar product to the bike. If it looks expensive for you then you can try fashion makeshift fenders which are out of a paint tray or two-liter bottle. You can easily find it online.

5. Proper Bike Accessories

You need to choose the right accessories with your bike for winter riding. Fat tire bikes are the best for winter riding. They are far better than narrow tire bikes for riding on a snow road. Fat tires bike can be driven in the lowest tire pressure to get more stability on the snow. You can ride a fat tire bike on snow road 15 psi or lower. Though it varies according to the riders’ body weight. There is no need to change the whole accessories of your bike in winter. We suggest you to just shift into fat tires to get a comfortable and safer bike riding in winter. You also can purchase a pair of studded tires to make your bike riding more enjoyable in icy conditions.

6. Keep Small, Rechargeable Bike Light

During this season, riders suffer in lack of eyesight because daylight is scarce in the whole month. As a result, riders’ sight range come into a very low point while he/ she riding a bike in winter. This hazy condition increases the risk of accidents. A small, rechargeable bike light on your front handlebar can be a good solution for you. These lights are very effective in that type of hazy snow road. They can improve your eyesight in that condition.

7. Stop and take hot drinks

It is very important to keep your body warm on winter bike rides. A mug of coffee or tea is very effective to keep you warm during riding. You also can use a flask for keeping tea or coffee hot for a long period. When you feel tired then stop riding. Take a mug of coffee or tea for relaxation and energized yourself. These liquids relieve fatigue and prepare you for the restart.

8. Wash Your Bike Regularly

You need to regularly wash your bike in winter. In our opinion, wash your bike well after every ride. When you ride your bike in snow roads that will kick a lot of dirty water, salty, or other crushed material onto your bike’s parts. This material causes damage and corrosion to your bike over time. Wash all of your bike parts very well after every ride.

Winter bike riding is a very tough and dangerous task for a rider. Even an experienced and skillful rider can be fallen into deep troubles. Everyone should take proper preparation before start riding a bike in winter.

We hope our provided information and tips are helpful for you to ride a bike safely in winter. Wishing you a happy winter bike riding.


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