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A fat tire stretch beach cruiser will allow the over-size riders to enjoy a comfortable laid-back ride on the beach and even anywhere else. The pedals of the fat tire stretch cruiser are positioned at the front of the seat post, hence the rider’s legs can be fully extended at the bottom of the pedal stroke and at the same time, their feat will remain flat while they are seated.

Micargi Stretch Beach Cruiser – Micargi SEATTLE SS-MBK 7 Speed 26

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Best Fat Tire Stretch Beach Cruiser Comparison Table

There are lots of stretch bikes available in the market but we found only a few to recommend you. Please check them below.

Fat Tire Stretch Beach Cruiser Review

Below I am sharing the review on a few best fat tire stretch beach bike what can give you amazing riding experience.

Micargi Stretch Beach Cruiser – Micargi SEATTLE SS-MBK 7 Speed 26″

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Like most of the bikes released by Micargi, the Seattle-SS is an appealing looking bike. If you want something high-quality that is sure to make heads turn and comes at an affordable price; then this is the way to go. The bike is constructed using sturdy and durable materials which allow you to enjoy bike rides regularly without having to worry about replacing parts. With the Seattle-SS, you get value for every penny spent.

It is a seven-speed bike, which makes it ideal for going up hills. What’s more, it can better deal with a variety of terrains in comparison to other low-speed bicycles. This means you can use it up hills, rocky roads, or a smooth pavement without any hassles.

The Seattle-SS sports a 26-Inch rear wheel tire, which allows for enhanced maneuverability as opposed to other larger wheels. At a glance, it looks well-built and may be beneficial to riders who enjoy riding through complex terrains. The front-wheel comes in 29-inches, and the combination of both wheels offers the bike a sporty look.

The Seattle-SS can handle the weight of as much as 250 pounds. This means it can accommodate most men and women in that weight range without breaking down. It also sports disk brakes that will ensure stopping is a breeze when you need to. Besides, the Seattle-SS comes with a three-piece crank, which is much durable and lighter than other options like the 1-piece crank. In essence, you won’t be dealing with replacements as frequently.

Overall, the bike drives smoothly regardless of the terrain you are driving and is undoubtedly an excellent option for bikers who are very versatile in their routes. However, attaching a cargo rack to this bike is not possible, as it does not support it. This may be a drawback for bikers who like to transport items in their cargo racks while on the move. Nonetheless, the tons of benefits make this a minor drawback.

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Firmstrong Urban Man Deluxe Single Speed Fat Tire Stretch Beach Cruiser Bicycle

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If you are on the tall side and have long legs, this bike may be ideal for you. It comes with a frame which encourages forward-pedaling. This is because of the additional length added to it. With this, a tall rider can stretch his or her legs completely during the ride. You also have the option of purchasing this bike with fenders if you are going to be moving around areas with a long of sand. This is a great addition, not many bikes in its range have.

Even though this is a bike specifically tagged for men, it can be used by anyone with ease, so long as they are not less than the needed 5.5-inch height. The Urban Man deluxe comes with coaster brakes which are easy to use and allow for excellent stopping power.

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Micargi Mustang GTS 26″ Stretch Chopper Beach Cruiser Bike Matte Black

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Micargi bikes are known for their style and quality, and this bike is no exception. It comes in a stylish Matte Black design which is appealing enough to attract compliments from those around. For your safety, there are reflectors on the front and rear of the bike, each making it easy for vehicles and other road users to spot you.

This can be very handy if you love to ride on busy roads. The pedals also come with reflectors useful for those who drive in the evening or at night. This eradicates the need to scamper around in search of the pedals during a drive at night. The Mustang GTS 26 also sports the Micargi Soft Rubber Cruiser Grips with Chrome End which allows users to ride for extended hours without any pain to their palms. This ensures it is an ideal choice for regular bikers.

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Micargi Mustang GTS Stretch Chopper Beach Cruiser Bike, 26 Inch

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If you are a casual rider, this Micargi Mustang stretch beach cruiser may be what you need. It comes in a stylishly low design which gives it a look but makes riding a breeze during those casual evenings. It comes with a steel frame that offers it a durable and weighty feel. In essence, you won’t have to think of repairs anytime soon. However, the steel frame makes it a little heavy, and you may need to put in some effort if you ever need to lift the bike.

This bike is a single-speed bike, which means your choices of terrains are limited. This will certainly not be an option if you are going to be heading through hilly terrains. Lastly, there are specific parts of this bike that may not be of high quality. One of these is the fork which tends to get damaged with ease. Nonetheless, this is still a great bike to try out.

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General Overview of Fire Tire Stretch Beach Cruiser

The Fat Tire Stretch Beach Cruiser comes in a wide range of colors, including the matte finishes. Gone are the days when plus-size people need to struggle to learn to ride a bike, even beginners will find this fat tire stretcher cruiser very convenient to use.

Some brands of this cruiser bike can provide up to 7 varying speed, which means you can ride at your own pace, depending on the terrain. The fastest speed may be more useful at the beach where the sandy ground will hold your bike down more effectively.

This cruiser is often referred to as the low-rider bicycle because of its balance and leveling construction. You wouldn’t be scared of falling or tripping off this bike due to its excellent equilibrium or balance on the ground surface. You can connect a motorized engine to this cruiser ride to boost its speed and deliverability.  The pedals are positioned for easier pedaling and to provide more strokes.

It comes with lots of accessories that will make the bike even much easier to handle in difficult situations.

General Features of the Fat Tire Cruiser Beach Cruiser

The main features of Fat tire stretch breach cruiser are:

  • Elongated frame for an extra comfortable ride.
  • Comes with Ape Hander handlebars.
  • Made of a fully-welded steel frame.
  • Comes with a 3-piece pedal crank.
  • High-tensile steel spokes.
  • The fork is made up of a triple tree alloy crown, while the step usually comes in alloy silver piston
  • The Crank-set comprises of 1-piece steel.
  • Comes with costal brakes and freewheel sprocket.
  • The tires can measure more than 4” for the 26-inch size bike.

The Pros of the Fat Tire Cruiser Beach Cruiser

  • The variable speed compensates for its slow speed transmission. You can switch from one speed to another depending on the terrain.
  • Ability to attach power motor engine to boost its transmission and speed.
  • The pedals are located to the front of the seat of the bike, which allows the rider’s legs to be fully extended at the end of the pedal stroke. The feet will remain flat on the ground when seated

The Cons of the Fat Tire Cruiser Beach Cruiser

  • Due to its steel frame and bulky design, the speed is incredibly slower on this bike when compared to normal bikes.
  • The handlebars are raised than normal bikes, that could be inconvenient for some regular bike riders.

FAQs on Fat Tire Stretch Beach Cruiser

Question:  Will Fat Tire Stretch Cruiser Fit on my Car Rack?

Answer: Most fat tire stretch cruisers may not fit on your car rack, however, you will need to get some bike cradles for an extra arm to make sure it fits your car rack.

Question:  Can I put a basket on the front so I can cruise with my pup?

Answer: Yes! You can attach a basket and take your pup on a ride inside your fat tire stretch beach cruiser. Adding your basket to the handlebars may come with some challenges considering the fact that the handles are slightly raised higher than normal bikes.

You can make use of the bracket to the front wheel of the cruiser, alongside some nuts, to keep the basket at a convenient angle.

Question: Can I put a motorized engine on?

Answer: You can have a custom-built motorized engine on your cruiser bike. You will need an appropriate bicycle engine kit to install a motorized engine. The frame construction of the cruiser is sturdy enough to prevent problems associated with the vibration of the motor but you still need to choose an engine size that fits with the cruiser.

Question: Where can I find replacement parts?

Answer: You can find replacement parts for your Fat Tire Stretch Beach Cruiser only at recognized and certified dealerships.


The Fat Tire Stretch Beach Cruiser is not just designed for the plus size people, it is ideal for anyone who struggles to maintain steady balance on a bike. This bike can comfortably ride on sandy and loose gravel grounds, which makes it ideal for the beaches and some other rough terrains.  Fire Tire Stretch Beach Cruiser is not your average everyday bike, therefore it is mostly recommended for the plus-size riders who find the regular bikes a bit difficult to control. It surely costs a fortune but you should consider it a great bargain for its value.

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