10 Best Fat Tire Beach Cruiser Reviews 2019

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Fat Tire Beach Cruiser Fat tire beach cruiser bikes have extra width in comparison to your typical bikes. For riders who want to go past uneven terrains with ease, then this is undoubtedly a great choice. The same also applies when riding over snow or firm grounds. Regardless of where you are going to be riding, a fat bike can do it with ease.

If you are in search of the best fat bikes you can buy today; this article will be showing you 10 of the best options available to you, Starting from number 1 below.

10 Best Fat Tire Beach Cruiser 2019 Comparison Table

10 Best Fat Tire Beach Cruiser Reviews 2019

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

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The Mongoose fat tire mountain bike like the name says, is a bike with fat tires. The wheel and tire size come in a 26 by 4 inches, which allows you to go past any terrain including beach landscapes and rough mountains. Its frame is made of steel/aluminum, which makes the bike a durable option for individuals who love going on uneven terrains. For those looking to get the best value for their money, this bike offers just that.

To make sure that you can go past hills and other similar surfaces, the bike offers seven gear speeds you can pick from with ease. This is because the derailleur works alongside twist shifters to provide you with complete controls of gears.

Safety is also a priority with this bicycle as it comes alongside dual disk brakes. Using this, regardless of the kind of road you are riding, you can stop fast and efficiently. However, the seats may not be comfortable for users. Although of high quality, you may need a replacement seat if you are after comfort.

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Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire Bicycle

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This is another nicely designed bicycle from Mongoose. It also sports a 26 by 4-inch wheel and tire size which gives it the look of a fat bike. What’s more, the tires ensure you can go past a variety of paths without any problem. It comes with a frame developed with steel and offers clearance to deal with any terrain. Because it is designed from steel, you can be confident that it won’t break down anytime soon, even with continuous usage.

The Malus fat tire bike spots a seven-speed gear, alongside a Shimano rear derailleur which gives you greater control on smooth and rough terrains alike.

The bike comes with dual brakes that are located on both wheels of the bike. These brakes are very functional and responsive to you anytime you need to stop. However, the seats may require additional padding if you want the best experience while riding.

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Alloy frame PREMIUM Fat Tire Beach Cruiser Bicycle 3 Speed

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This is another fat tire bicycle that has an appealing and high-quality look. Unlike the other beach bikes above, it comes with a 24 by 4 inches’ tires, together with hydroformed alloy tubing. These allow the bike to roll with ease over obstruction found on uneven terrain. It also absorbs the impact of riding on rough ground altogether, guaranteeing that users have a smooth experience while riding. The bike is created with a lightweight aluminum frame of high quality. This means you can enjoy riding on your bike for long periods without having to replace anything.

The premium fat tire beach cruiser offers only three speeds, which implies that unlike some of the other options covered so far, there is a limitation to the terrains you can go past.  Nonetheless, you can still enjoy riding on a variety of routes with the three gears.

In comparison to the other options, this bike comes with a padded seat alongside rubber springs. This will make sure users enjoy the utmost level of convenience, even when riding for long hours.

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Mongoose Hitch Men’s Fat Tire Bicycle

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With 4¼ inch tires, the Hitch is undoubtedly a larger option on this list. Due to the enormous size, you are sure to ride smoothly on uneven terrains. It has a 26-inch wheel, and it sports a stainless steel frame that offers a fantastic level of comfort to you when riding. The steel frame is sturdy and is sure to provide you with value for every penny spent.

Its seven-speed gears alongside a stock Shimano derailleur guarantees that you can quickly shift from one gear to another. Furthermore, it sees to it that there is a minimal limitation as regards the route you want to take.  In essence, you can drive through rough paths, smooth terrains, and even down slopes without hassles.

To ensure you get the best results when you need to stop in a hurry, the bike comes with 160mm rotary disk brakes. These brakes are fitted on both wheels of this bicycle. Lastly, the seats may not be convenient the instant you begin riding. You may have to replace the seats for the best experience.

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Mongoose Juneau 26″ Fat Tire Bicycle

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The Juneau is yet another beautiful creation from Mongoose. It sports 26 by 4 inches’ knobby tires which provide you with a smooth riding experience. With its cruiser styling and aluminum frame, you can be sure of a stress-free ride anytime you climb on your bike. The frames are a little oversized, and this provides you with a high amount of clearance.

As opposed to other options, this bike comes with a 21 speed Shimano trigger shifter alongside Shimano rear derailleur. The combination of both of these gives you the capacity to move between speeds as you desire seamlessly. In essence, you are in complete control of how far you want to go.

In terms of the braking system, the Juneau does not disappoint too. It comes with disc brakes which can be found in the rear and front tires allowing you to stop at any time regardless of how fast you are going. However, it sports a 300m seat post which many people may not find comfortable.

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Mongoose Aztec Fat Tire Bicycle

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The Aztec fat tire bike is one with a fantastic structure. Its 26 x 4 inches’ tires are an excellent fit for any fat tire bike, and allow you to go through any trail without any problem. It comes with a frame made entirely out of steel, which prevents it from suffering any form of damage even while going through the roughest terrains.

It comes with the Shimano 7-speed gear set which is not uncommon to Mongoose bikes. It gives you complete control over your speed selection while on the move.

Mongoose never disappoints when it comes to its braking system, and the Aztec is no exception. It offers front and rear wheel brake discs with powerful stopping power. The seats on this bike look incredibly fantastic, but they may not be comfortable to ride on, especially if you are riding for long hours.

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Dynacraft Krusher Men’s Fat Tire Bike

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The Dynacraft Krusher is another appealing fat bike. It comes in a 24-inch and 26-inch size, alongside a 4-inch tire. It comes with a sturdy steel frame that offers you the best experience when driving off-road.

This bike does not come with any gears and is an ideal choice for those who want something basic. When you need to stop, there is an efficient coaster brake that can help you do just that. It does offer a padded seat, which is sure to keep you comfortable when riding over the bumps of uneven terrains. The seat can also be adjusted to ensure you get the level of comfort you desire.

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Takara Nobu Fat Bike

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Like many other fat bikes on the market, the Takara comes alongside tires which have a width of 4 inches. This offers users the best grip when driving off-road. It has a frame that is developed from aluminum that makes it lightweight without compromising durability.

It comes with a seven gear speed system alongside a Shimano gear shifter that has a reputation for being reliable. With this, you can quickly move between any speed you want and have a broader terrain option.

There are also hand brakes in both the front and rear wheels that allow you to stop anytime you want. This means you can be sure of your safety regardless of what gear speed you are riding. The seat of this bike looks great, but may not be comfortable for some riders.

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Colby Cruisers Duke 3.0 Fat Tire Big Wheel Bicycle

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The Duke comes with a tire that is 3-inch in size. This is a smaller size in comparison to all of the other options we have covered on this list. However, this does not mean you can’t enjoy riding on a range of terrains with this bike. Also attached to these tires, are 68 spoke rims which give it a fantastic look. The frame is made entirely of steel that protects the bike from falling apart even when you are enjoying off-road back rides.

The Colby cruisers duke is a one-speed bike, and this means you don’t have as many choices in terms of terrains as the other bikes on this list. This means it may not be your best option if you want something versatile.

With the coaster brake, stopping at any point of the ride can be done without a hassle. However, if you want the best experience, you may need to replace the stock seats with more comfortable options.

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Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire Bicycle

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The Malus fat tire bicycle from Mongoose is similar to their other productions. This means you can be sure of the kind of quality to expect. Its 4-inch tires allow you to go over any obstruction in its path. Its frame is made with steel, which enables you to ride on your desired path without any damage to your bicycle. Furthermore, it comes with an alloy handlebar that gives you the capacity to keep the bike in line when riding.

The Malus is a seven-speed bike, which comes alongside Shimano rear derailleur, allowing you to change your gears smoothly while on the move. To ensure you can stop at any point, there are disc brakes at the front and back of this bike that help you achieve this. If you are on the market for a new fat tire bike, this is definitely worth having a look into.

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Things Need to Consider Before Buying

There are numerous brands of fat tire cruisers on the market today, all promising the same benefits. For this reason, it can be challenging to make a choice. The following considerations can help you streamline your options when searching for a fat tire beach cruiser bike.

The Size of Wheels

The size of the wheel is critical. The majority of the fat wheel bikes come in a wheel size of 26-inch. However, it is possible to find those having 27.5 inches’ sizes. The larger the wheel, the easier it is to go over obstacles. The size of the rim is also dependent on the wheel size. If you go for a wider tire, then you will want to go with a wider rim. Rims are usually between the sizes of 60 -100mm. However, wider rims will make your bike feel a lot heavier, so you need to consider this when making your option carefully.

The Tires

Your tires are essential as well. 4-inch tires are the most common sizes on fat-tire bikes, but they do not offer as much float as the 5-inch size. However, the fatter the tires, the, heavier, bouncier, and slower it will be on a firm path. If you are going to be riding more on the drier and firmer trail, then using a narrower tire will be ideal. Ensure you consider this before you make a choice.

The Suspension

If you are going to be riding mostly on paths that are rooty, uneven and rocky, you may want to go with a fat bike that has full suspension. With a full suspension, you can maneuver better in terrains like these, without feeling too tired. But if you are going to be riding in freezing temperatures, you may want to choose a rigid fork suspension.

If your riding surface is particularly uneven, rooty, or rocky, or you want to run your tires at a higher pressure for less squirm, consider buying a fat bike with full suspension. A full-suspension setup can help you maneuver better, keep you from feeling beat up after a long ride, and make the journey more enjoyable if you swap fat rims for standard mountain bike rims. However, if you typically ride in freezing temperatures, a rigid fork may be more reliable.

The Frame

Steel or aluminum are most of the common materials used in creating the frame of fat tire beach cruisers. They increase the lifespan of your bike due to the durability they offer. However, you need to note that a steel frame is much heavier than an aluminum frame. If you want something lightweight, aluminum frame material is a better option. A piece of advice given to the taller person to consider the stretch beach cruiser for the extended frame for legs.

The Gears

Based on the kind of terrains you are planning to ride, you will want to go with a bike that offers numerous gears options. This is particularly the case if you are going to be climbing hills, and speeding a lot.

You can get a bike with as much as seven-speed gears. But if you would rather something simple, then choose a cruiser with single speed gears.

The Brakes

If you purchase a single-speed cruiser, you will be left with coaster brakes. This kind of break minimizes the wear on rims and function while you are riding under the rain. However, these kinds of breaks tend to malfunction if you add too much load.

If you go with a multiple speed cruiser, a handbrake is what you will be using more. This minimizes the stress placed on the wheels because it causes less rim heat. However, the performance of this braking system is not so fluid under adverse weather conditions.

The Bike Seat

When riding a cruiser, you want to be comfortable. For this reason, choose one with a padded saddle that offers you a high level of comfort.


Riding a beach cruiser is a great experience, especially if you choose one that is ideal for you. It is classy and comfortable to ride on. Besides, if you want to stand out, they are just what you need.

There are numerous brands offering various options, and you will indeed find something suitable for your requirements. Nonetheless, the options above are some of the best choices you can find on the market today. If you are on the market for a new beach cruiser, any of them would certainly offer you excellent results.

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