Difference Between Fat Tire Beach Cruiser and Others

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Probably you have been wondering why bike riders are fascinated with fat tire beach cruisers. Well, this article gets into the details on the difference between the bikes and other types in the market.

The fat tire beach cruisers are distinguished from others based on the following aspects:

You Can Ride On All Terrains

A standard bike features a 2 inches wheel size. This allows you to cruise through the familiar and smooth terrains. You will, however, be limited when in need of more fun in the rough terrains. Not to worry, the designers of fat tire beach cruise have you in mind. Its tire is double or more the size of the standard bike.

Even more, the fat tire bike comes with an enhanced grip and traction to ensure that your rides are safe and efficient. The tire pressure is also low. While the standard bike is filled with 25-65psi, the fat tire bike has a 10 psi or lower. The surface area of the rubber is, therefore, suitable for all rides.

Whether you are riding through to the muddy areas or the snowy mountains, this product is just perfect. Instead of being limited to the bottom part of a beach, you are at liberty to get to the secluded areas and create memories henceforth. The waves and salt will barely limit your movements. You can go to areas that other people have historically reached using boats or through hiking, thanks to the amazing floatation

Improved Comfort

Being comfortable in your bike riding adventures is essential. This determines how frequent and far you will go in any given session. The fat tire bikes do not need to be overly inflated because they offer incredible comfort at minimal tire pressure.

Unlike other bikes, they are rigid and do not feature a suspension system. The rubber will absorb all the shocks. Comfort is, hence, ascertained. People with back issues will love this product because the rocks and roots go unnoticed.

Minimal Maintenance Is Required

The costs of maintaining a bike may have discouraged you from purchasing the product. You can put your fears to rest when you buy fat tire beach cruiser. This is because they are rigid, as such, few parts can be damaged. Replacement costs for the parts are also fewer.

While the price of the bike is higher than the standard products, you are assured of getting value for money. Indeed, most bike lovers view the purchase as an investment.

It Is Ideal For Beginners

Beginners in biking find it difficult to get a good balance on the standard bike. The numerous accidents and incidents are scary for the timid. However, the fat tire bike is easy to ride given the fact that the contact surface is wider.

A Better Way of Having Fun and Challenges Is Offered

Unlike the standard bikes, the fat tire cruisers come with one speed. However, a lot of muscle power may be required to help you move forward. The exercise you always wanted on the lower and upper body will be possible in this case.

At the same time, anyone who wishes to have different speeds based on the terrain or mood is offered the chance. You can have fast, slow, or even leisurely rides on the beach and near your neighborhood.

More so, the look and unique features attract a lot of stares from the world around you. As you create lasting impressions, you may be invited to local and international competitions.

The flexibility of the Frame Is Guaranteed

You are not limited to ride on the fat bike wheel. The frame is flexible enough to allow you to change the wheel to suit your preferences. Go for the 27plus or 29 plus wheels, as such you will avoid buying multiple bikes for different trips.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the fat tire beach cruiser is ideal if you desire to get more than what the standard bikes offer. It is inclusive of flexibility, comfort, safety, efficiency, and fun. You also get value for money, thanks to its rigid nature. Even so, you must make the purchases from a company with a good reputation and experience in supplying the product.


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