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A fat bike might seem a non-politically correct name for a bike. The name though comes from the fact that these bikes have wide tires. Wide tires mean a lot of flotation. This flotation means you can ride places other bikes cannot go. One of these places that other bikes fear is the beach.

Let us be honest we all love going to the beach. What about adding that with cruising down on your fat bike. You won’t be sitting in traffic. You don’t have to find a parking place. You can cruise your bike right over to where you want to set up camp for the day.

Before moving forward, you can read our another article which written about the differences between the fat tire beach cruiser and others.

Fat bike to the beach

Riding your fat bike on the beach, you will be amazed by the comfort of your fat bike. The big volume tires will smooth out the road for you. The tires are providing you with enough suspension to make it feel like you are floating down to the beach.

Best Bike for Beach Riding

Your perfect day has now just become a whole load more relaxed. This though is not the only benefit of riding your fat bike to the beach. A fat bike will also be able to ride across the sand. You cannot do that on a thinner tired bike.

You will find the balloon-like tires will offer a grip that you never imagined was possible. A low gearing and the big tires will mean you will just cruise over the loose sand. You will want to find little bumps in the sand to jump your bike off. Reliving your childhood and having more fun than adults should be allowed to have. Recently extended fat tire beach bike going popular between the tall people.

Fat bikes love snow

As well as the beach your fat bike will also be able to handle snow. Sand and snow can be very similar, and your fat tires will roll across both surfaces. Other styles of bikes may falter, but your fat bike will not give in. If you are truly brave, you can ride a fat bike across the beach during winter.

Best Place To Ride Fat Tire Bike - Fat bikes love snow

Not only can fat bikes handle snow, but they will also offer you more grip on ice. You will find that riding your bike to the beach in summer, will be coupled with still riding when winter comes. There is no season that your fat bike doesn’t like.

You will find that in spring and autumn your local mountain bike trails become very muddy. A standard mountain bike might find it hard to pull itself through this gloop. Your fat bike though will float across this gloop.

Fat bikes can save trails

Fat bike flotation is excellent. As times moves on people are becoming more environmentally conscious. One of the big dangers from mountain biking is trail erosion. Fat bikes help to prevent this by floating over the top of the trail and not cutting into it like standard tires.

Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah. Image from:

There is no season that fat bikes do not like, meaning that you can spend the whole year using your fat bike to stay fit. How many other bikes can you ride all year? The answer is not many. Most bikes will hibernate one the fall rains come, but your fat bike will just carry on being fun.

Fat bikes can climb

Not only will your fat bike float across terrible riding surfaces but it can also climb. Many people don’t think that fat bikes can climb as they look heavy. This though misses a great selling point of fat bikes. They have loads of grip.

Your tires will find grip when other tires have given up. They will just keep helping you winch your way up slopes that you thought were a cliff face from below. Your fat bike is a mountain goat. You may be tired, but you will be elated at the new heights that you have just reached.

As you can now see a fat bike is a truly utilitarian machine. No terrain can really hold a fat bike back. Your fat bike will find it easy to get across surfaces that standard mountain bikes just cannot get across.

Now all that is left is for you to jump on your fat bike and get out where your fat bike can take you.

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